Find YOUR Balance


Depression, sadness, or an overall feeling of being stuck?

  • Relationship problems or intimacy issues? Marital concerns? A new marriage?
  • Anxiety or scary panic attacks? Feeling trapped or out of control?
  • Difficulties in dealing with your children; other parenting issues?
  • Unresolved traumas from your past or being in an abusive relationship?
  • Difficulties with sleeping, eating, or concentrating?
  • Trying to overcome an addiction or a substance abuse problem?
  • Going through a difficult time because of divorce or the loss of a loved one?


  • Develop a more balanced relationship through couple counseling?
  • Help in sorting out your thoughts and feelings in a safe setting?
  • Achieve emotional stability and personal growth?
  • Explore family of origin issues?
  • Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to free yourself from anxiety & depression?
  • Establish personal, marriage, couple and family goals?
  • Learn healing and empowering strategies?
  • Reestablish feelings of healthy control, self-acceptance and self love?
     If you live in Plano or the Dallas area and are seeking:
         marital therapy, couple counseling, or individual counseling...
You have come to the right place!

I can help you to begin to understand,
to focus on defining the changes you want,
and to set about making them a reality.





Lu Whipple, M.A., LPC-S
Licensed Professional Counselor
Tx Approved Clinical Supervisor


      ►  Available in Plano, close to the George Bush Freeway and the North Dallas Tollway      

      ►  Readily reachable from Richardson, North Dallas, Frisco, Carrollton and the Mid Cities

By assisting married or unmarried couples and individuals to work through the issues that impact their happiness and quality of their marriage, I have helped many Plano and Dallas area marriages avoid divorce, resolve recurring conflict and recapture that loving feeling. Many people have thanked me for being the catalyst that helped them to be free from depression, anxiety and relationship problems, so that they were able to find the intimacy and the happiness they so much desired in their relationship and marriage. I have 15+ years of experience in:

      •  Individual Counseling and Therapy for --         -------  ----------Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma
  Couples Counseling

     •  Parenting Concerns

      •  Relationship Counseling

 •  Marriage and ------------Family Therapy

 •  Infidelity Recovery

 •  Divorce

 •  Life Coaching



Congratulations on taking the first step toward making changes in your life!

Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to  growth and well-being.

I welcome you with the belief that life can be lived fully and that we are all capable of achieving a sense of health and well-being. As a counselor, I believe that it's life stressors,  trauma, individual experiences and faulty learning that move us off-balance leading to
dysfunctional relationships, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.
The good news? This can be corrected!

As an interactive,  solution-focused counselor and therapist, I employ and integrate complementary methodologies and techniques, including Cognitive-Behavioral, Family Systems, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Person-Centered Psychotherapies. This highly individualized approach to counseling addresses personal life challenges and provides helpful feedback to help you achieve emotional stability, personal growth, and healthy relationships free from anxiety, self-doubt and depression. You can then live with an exceptional degree of self-awareness, integrity and fulfilment.

Through this website and during your free telephone consultation,  you will  get a “feel” for my depression-therapy style,  marriage counseling philosophy and also my interactive therapy modality. You will also find resources for depression, anxiety, cognitive distortions that lead to couple and marriage problems. Many couples are again happily married after having understood their communication problems.
What to expect when you see me

I am a compassionate, experienced therapist who works with people on identifying what is causing them distress or pain. Together we assess current challenges, the causes of unhappiness, what prevents recovery and resiliency in the face of hardship, and how to experience joy despite the circumstances. 
In addition to this page, please examine the FAQs page to discover more about what to expect from your first appointment with me.

Since depression and anxiety counseling, life coaching, and marriage therapy should be a focused process, I have developed treatment plans for couples counseling and individual therapy that you will find interesting and helpful.

My goal as a counselor is to create a private, safe and supportive place where, together, we can examine your life challenges constructively and with confidence, freeing you to enjoy the good things life has to offer.

With compassion and understanding, I will work with you to build on your own strengths and attain the goals you are committed to achieve.

Emotional well-being encompasses how you feel about yourself, your ability to successfully manage your feelings as you deal with life's challenges, and the quality of your relationships.
As an individual counselor, marriage therapist, or couples counselor, my mission is to:

                                                             ►     Help you improve your emotional health
                                                             ►     Help you with your marriage issues
►     Enhance your ability to create fulfilling relationships, and to
                                                             ►     Empower you with useful tools, for your life challenges
                                                             ►     Manage anxiety or depression

In a collaborative setting, respectful of your own value system, we can examine your thoughts, feelings, and behavior to uncover your true potential and help you lead a life that is worth celebrating. Your privacy and confidentiality are my utmost concern and will be respected in a manner that meets or exceeds all state and federal guidelines for counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals.
Because we are all individuals and our marriages are unique to us, we are all in need differing levels of care and intervention, especially if we are into the grip of conflic, anxiety or depression.

♦ Choosing the right counselor or therapist

Couples Counseling, individual counseling or therapy, is an important investment in your life and in your marriage. Choosing the right counselor or therapist involves looking for a good fit and establishing a good rapport. These are the necessary elements of a healthy therapeutic relationship that leads to effective progress. I work using my intuition, extending compassion, sharing my optimism and asking for collaboration. I try to be encouraging and straightforward, without being unkind. Remember that counseling is a process, and that I am here to help you when you are ready to seek a counselor or a life coach.

To facilitate your search for a counselor or therapist, I offer a FREE CONFIDENTIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION.

Invest in yourself and your marriage!  Don't wait any longer!

I am here to help.

You can reach me at  972-596-1805 or e-mail me the contact form.

♦ How we work together

While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to heal, to better understand, and to resolve the challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, that sometimes include a good sense of humor, we will work to heal  from past hurt or to unearth long-standing behavioral patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Our counseling sessions will be productive and solution-focused. With over 18  years of experience working with a wide range of backgrounds, as a counselor, I provide life coaching, counseling and therapy to individuals, couples and familes needing to address issues of depression, anxiety, divorce, relationships, marriage and family. I also offer supervision to LPC interns and consultation to other clinicians located in Plano, North Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton, Frisco and the surrounding areas.

Located in West Plano, in addition to specializing in individual counseling, relationship counseling, and marriage and family therapy, I also specialize in treating the symptoms of mood disorders (bipolar depression, unipolar depression); anxiety disorders (PTSD, OCD, Generalized Anxiety Dis.);  bipolar disorder, eating disorders, self-injury, early trauma, and other complex trauma.

Information about your first session:  ♦ Your First Session
Insurance and Fees

To see if your insurance will cover our services, please call our counseling office at (972) 596-1805  during daytime hours. Please do not email or ask "What insurance do you take?" because there are many  different types - it's easier if you can just provide information about the insurance plan you have to see if you are covered. Our tab INSURANCE covers additional information. Thank you.
To get more information about fees, exact insurance coverage, available appointment times,  I am available to talk to you personally.

For your  FREE CONFIDENTIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION. call me at 972-596-1805 or 

To know more about me, Lu Whipple, Licensed Professional Counselor, you can take a look at my  LINKEDIN profile

I hope you’ll take some time to look through my web site to learn more details about my work as a counselor in Plano, Texas.



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