EQ Personal Competencies

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► EMOTIONAL AWARENESS: Recognizing one’s emotions and their effects. People with this competence:

- Know which emotions they are feeling and why

- Realize the links between their feelings and what they think, do, and say

- Recognize how their feelings affect their performance

- Have a guiding awareness of their values and goals  

ACCURATE SELF-ASSESSMENT: Knowing one’s strengths and limits. People with this competence are:

- Aware of their strengths and weaknesses

-  Reflective, learning from experience

- Open to candid feedback, new perspectives, continuous learning, and self-development

- Able to show a sense of humor and perspective about themselves

 ► SELF-CONFIDENCE: Sureness about one’s self-worth and capabilities. People with this competence:

 - Present themselves with self-assurance; have "presence" without being arrogant or conceited

 - Can voice views that are unpopular and go out on a limb for what is right

 - Are decisive, able to make sound decisions despite uncertainties and pressures


 SELF-CONTROL: Managing disruptive emotions and impulses. People with this competence:

- Manage their impulsive feelings and distressing emotions well

- Stay composed, positive, and unflappable even in trying moments         

- Think clearly and stay focused under pressure

► TRUSTWORTHINESS: Maintaining standards of honesty and integrity. People with this competence: 

- Act ethically and are above reproach

- Build trust through their reliability and authenticity

- Admit their own mistakes and confront unethical actions in other people

- Take tough, principled stands even if they are unpopular

► CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: Taking responsibility for personal performance. People with this competence:

- Meet commitments and keep promises

- Hold themselves accountable for meeting their objectives

- Are organized and careful in their work

ADAPTABILITY: Flexibility in handling change. People with this competence:

- Smoothly handle multiple demands, shifting priorities, and rapid change

- Adapt their responses and tactics to fit fluid circumstances

- Are flexible in how they see events

INNOVATIVENESS: Being comfortable with and open to novel ideas and new information. People with this competence:

- Seek out fresh ideas from a wide variety of sources
- Entertain original solutions to problems
- Generate new ideas - Take fresh perspectives and risks in their thinking


ACHIEVEMENT DRIVE: Striving to improve or meet a standard of excellence. People with this competence:

 - Are results-oriented, with a high drive to meet their objectives and standards 

- Set challenging goals and take calculated risks

- Pursue information to reduce uncertainty and find ways to do better

- Learn how to improve their performance

 COMMITMENT: Aligning with the goals of the group or organization. People with this competence:

 - Readily make personal or group sacrifices to meet a larger organizational goal

 - Find a sense of purpose in the larger mission

 - Use the group’s core values in making decisions and clarifying choices

 - Actively seek out opportunities to fulfill the group’s mission

INITIATIVE: Readiness to act on opportunities. People with this competence:

- Are ready to seize opportunities

- Pursue goals beyond what’s required or expected of them

- Cut through red tape and bend the rules when necessary to get the job done

- Mobilize others through unusual, enterprising efforts

OPTIMISM: Persistence in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks. People with this competence:

 - Persist in seeking goals despite obstacles and setbacks

- Operate from hope of success rather than fear of failure

- See setbacks as due to manageable circumstance rather than a personal flaw

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Adapted from: http://www.eiconsortium.org/reports/emotional_competence_framework. and presented with the authors' permission - 2013 Luciana Whipple, all rights reserved.