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 ► EMPATHY: Sensing others’ feelings and perspective, and taking an active interest in their concerns. People with this competence:

 - Are attentive to emotional cues and listen well

 - Show sensitivity and understand others’ perspectives

 - Help out based on understanding other people’s needs and feelings

SERVICE ORIENTATION: Anticipating, recognizing, and meeting customers’ needs. People with this competence:

- Understand customers’ needs and match them to services or products

- Seek ways to increase customers’ satisfaction and loyalty

- Gladly offer appropriate assistance

 - Grasp a customer’s perspective, acting as a trusted advisor

DEVELOPING OTHERS: Sensing what others need in order to develop, and bolstering their abilities. People with this competence:

 - Acknowledge and reward people’s strengths, accomplishments, and development

 - Offer useful feedback and identify people’s needs for development

 - Mentor, give timely coaching, and offer assignments that challenge and grow a person’s skill

 LEVERAGING DIVERSITY: Cultivating opportunities through diverse people. People with this competence:

- Respect and relate well to people from varied backgrounds 

- Understand diverse worldviews and are sensitive to group differences

- See diversity as opportunity, creating an environment where diverse people can thrive

 - Challenge bias and intolerance

 POLITICAL AWARENESS: Reading a group’s emotional currents and power relationships. People with this competence: 

- Accurately read key power relationships 

- Detect crucial social networks

- Understand the forces that shape views and actions of clients, customers, or competitors

- Accurately read situations and organizational and external realities


INFLUENCE: Wielding effective tactics for persuasion. People with this competence:

 - Are skilled at persuasion

 - Fine-tune presentations to appeal to the listener

 - Use complex strategies like indirect influence to build consensus and support

 - Orchestrate dramatic events to effectively make a point

 COMMUNICATION: Sending clear and convincing messages. People with this competence:

 - Are effective in give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message

 - Deal with difficult issues straightforwardly

 - Listen well, seek mutual understanding, and welcome sharing of information fully

 - Foster open communication and stay receptive to bad news as well as good

 LEADERSHIP: Inspiring and guiding groups and people. People with this competence:

 - Articulate and arouse enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission

- Step forward to lead as needed, regardless of position

 - Guide the performance of others while holding them accountable

- Lead by example

 ► CHANGE CATALYST: Initiating or managing change. People with this competence:

 - Recognize the need for change and remove barriers

 - Challenge the status quo to acknowledge the need for change

 - Champion the change and enlist others in its pursuit

 - Model the change expected of others

 CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Negotiating and resolving disagreements. People with this competence:

 - Handle difficult people and tense situations with diplomacy and tact

 - Spot potential conflict, bring disagreements into the open, and help deescalate

 - Encourage debate and open discussion

 - Orchestrate win-win solutions

 BUILDING BONDS: Nurturing instrumental relationships. People with this competence:

- Cultivate and maintain extensive informal networks

- Seek out relationships that are mutually beneficial

- Build rapport and keep others in the loop

- Make and maintain personal friendships among work associates

COLLABORATION AND COOPERATION: Working with others toward shared goals. People with this competence:

- Balance a focus on task with attention to relationships

- Collaborate, sharing plans, information, and resources

- Promote a friendly, cooperative climate

- Spot and nurture opportunities for collaboration

TEAM CAPABILITIES: Creating group synergy in pursuing collective goals. People with this competence:

- Model team qualities like respect, helpfulness, and cooperation

- Draw all members into active and enthusiastic participation

- Build team identity, esprit de corps, and commitment

- Protect the group and its reputation; share credit

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